Scenes from Day One

Photography by Kris Kennedy                             A handsome smile.               That’s one tough cookie.     Plastic surgeon Dr. Mahlon Kerr consults with a patient’s mother.         An infant rests in the arms of her mother.                       Patients waiting … patiently.       Two thumbs up for Austin Smiles!    

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Austin Smiles Medical Mission to San Salvador: Saturday and Sunday – The Mission Begins

by John Paschal     “Please put your tray tables up and your seats in the upright position,” comes the pleasant voice through the United jet, “as we prepare for our final descent.” The words, in a sense, are familiar territory, something we have all come to know, but the terrain below us is not as well situated in our understanding. Less than a mile below us, a gleaming lake is a light blue mirror of the sky we occupy.   Its shores, gently coiling, give way to irregular squares of green and brown farm plots. They seem a soft introduction to the city that sits on the south, still unseen. What awaits is an Austin Smiles medical mission to the capital of the Central American county of El Salvador. What awaits, as we will see, is a collection of dozens of children who need medical help, and a week of assistance to address that need.   Below us now...

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