Photography by Kris Kennedy



Patients arrive with their parents for triage early Sunday morning.



Connie Palomo Villarta and her sister are all (Austin) smiles.



Gaby Martinez, RN, entertains the children in the waiting area.



Anesthesiologists evaluate a prospective patient.



Blind and deaf since birth, Mela Sangado Zaldivar rests on her mother’s shoulder.



Applause for Austin Smiles!



A handsome smile.


Dr. Mary Zavala, anesthesiologist, meets patients in triage.



“Who’s there?”



Local orthodontists join Austin Smiles’ Dr. Harshbarger, Dr. Hill and Dr. Schuster for a patient evaluation.



That’s one tough cookie.


A boy and his mother wait for his evaluation.


Plastic surgeon Dr. Mahlon Kerr consults with a patient’s mother.



A boy laughs with his mother.



An infant rests in the arms of her mother.


A future doctor?



A boy and his father have fun.



Julie Loney, SLP, explains the anatomy of speech with a patient.



“You lookin’ at me?”



Dr. Tom Sentz makes notes on a dental patient.



Patients waiting … patiently.



“Yeah, I’m cool and I know it.”


Two thumbs up for Austin Smiles!