Behind the Photo – “Love”

San Salvador Medical Mission Trip – June 2016 (Story and Photography by Ellie Falcao) Sorry it has been so long since the last “Behind the Photo” blog post! Time got away from me this summer, but my memories of San Salvador were never far from my mind.   I decided to title this week’s Behind the Photo blog post “LOVE.” There has been a lot of sadness in the news lately, so I felt like highlighting some of the stories of love from our San Salvador trip might be just what the doctor ordered!   Leading up to the trip I decided I had two main goals for my photos. One, I wanted to be sure to capture the volunteers in action. Without the incredible volunteers who use their vacation time and personal resources to go, or the donors who give so generously to supplement what the volunteers pay out-of-pocket, trips like these would not be possible. I wanted to...

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Behind the Photo- “Respite”

Hi there- I’m Ellie Falcao, the photographer on the most recent San Salvador trip. I’ve been inspired to do a series of blog posts called “behind the photo,” in which I hope to convey some of the raw emotion and humanity that I experienced and was witness to during our incredible week.   Almost two weeks later I am still trying to process the trip. I’ll admit, coming home and getting back into the rhythm of my daily life has been challenging. I didn’t experience much culture shock when arriving in San Salvador, but it hit me hard coming home. From the big thoughts of “what is the best way to spend my time and resources to make this world a better place when there are SO MANY needs?!?!” to “am I really going to spend $5 on a coffee at Starbucks when there are people in the world that have to sell their only chicken in order to get...

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Guatemala City Mission – Day 3

Today you get to meet the team! I am excited to introduce you to some of the people that I have been spending my days with. But before I begin, I would like to brag a little. You could not find a better group to work with. They are friendly, helpful, hardworking, and so thoughtful. Think about this: You show up at the Austin airport at 4AM and maybe you know a few people or maybe you don’t but over the next few days you will be making the trek through 3 airports with stacks of huge bags and cases full of equipment, you will unpack said bags at the MPSC where the majority of volunteers have never been before, you will help shuttle 120 kids plus their families through triage, and you will work 12+ hour days to accomplish 50 surgeries. Having a solid group of volunteers makes all of the above run so much more smoothly. Without further...

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