Mission Accomplished

by John Paschal In the evening dimness of room 6, nurse Pearl Falkenberg leaned across the silver rail of the small crib and, with a handheld fan, cooled the baby and his mom, who stood beside the nurse at the edge of the baby bed. Just below the two women,...

The Team

Pictured: (nearly) the entire Austin Smiles team Not pictured: volunteer photographer Kris Kennedy Photo by (you guessed it!) Kris Kennedy

A Well-Deserved Break

Leilani Briseno didn’t get injured, but after working as a scrub tech while also serving as Medical Missions Director, she did get tired enough to take a break in a wheelchair. Photo by Kris Kennedy

Sister Act

From pre-op care to post-op care, nurses (and sisters) Carrie Bailey (right) and Pearl Falkenberg tended to dozens of patients and their families during the weeklong mission. Photo by Kris Kennedy

Esteban Smiles, Por Supuesto

Speaking English without even a trace of an accent, Guatemalan volunteer Esteban Flores taught several Austin Smiles volunteers that the word “indeed” translates as “por supuesto.” Here, Esteban, who plans to attend Belmont University in...