Creating Smiles, Improving Lives

More Scenes from Surgery Days

Photography by Kris Kennedy



Shortly after morning arrival at Hospital Militar Central, Dr. Mahlon Kerr (right) and volunteer Katie McFate visit a patient and his mother in an overnight room.


Upon rising from sleep, he will experience his first day with a new smile.


Outside the surgical center, Salvadoran soldiers are playing an early-morning game of volleyball. Each morning and night, soldiers provide a protective escort for the Austin Smiles bus.


San Salvador wakes to a new day.




RNs Emilia Harris (left) and Heather Hill tend to a patient in recovery.


Dr. Syboney Zapata speaks with a patient’s mother following surgery.


A restful morning sleep…


In the triage room, RN Katherine Tomaney prepares 11-month-old Uriel Alexander Hernandez for his morning lip procedure.


Dr. Mary Zavala and Uriel Hernandez have a meeting of the minds.


For Mission Director Leilani Briseno (left) and Mission Administrator Martha Mashburn, the work always begins early and goes late.


Before surgeries begin, Dr. Ned Snyder visits a patient and his mom in an overnight room.


Dr. Cameron Craven helps a patient greet the new day.


In an overnight room on Wednesday morning, Dr. Mahlon Kerr is visiting Lisbeth Molina Marquez. A day earlier, Dr. Kerr and Dr. Craven performed a rhinoplasty on the 15-year-old.


Thumb’s up!


In the triage room, Dr. Quint Barnes shares a high-five with a patient as RN Katherine Tomaney looks on.


In the hallway, speech language pathologist Maria Metidieri entertains a patient prior to surgery.


In OR 3, the craniofacial team of Dr. Ray Harshbarger (center left) and Dr. Sean Hill (right) is at work on a patient.


As always, preparation is paramount.


Josue Rivas Aguillon is “muy guapo” — very handsome.


Walk-ins welcome: Dr. Quint Barnes looks on as Dr. Syboney Zapata examines a girl who arrived with her mother for an unscheduled visit.


In an overnight room, Josue Rivas Aguillon and his parents have met the day with smiles.


Having wheeled the surgical microscope from an OR to the triage room, Dr. Syboney Zapata treats another unscheduled patient.



1 in 700 children are born with a cleft lip or palate

$250 covers the cost of one life-changing surgery

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