Photography by Kris Kennedy



In triage, Dr. Quint Barnes and RN Katherine Tomeny perform a pre-surgical assessment as the patient’s mother looks on.


Four-month-old Jairo Campos Treso is lookin’ good.


Translator Maria Ugarte has fun with a young patient.


Volunteer Gloria Matthews entertains little Jairo prior to his surgery.


Craniofacial surgeons Dr. Sean Hill (left) and Dr. Ray Harshbarger are studying a patient’s pre-surgical plans in OR 3.


CRNA Tanja Abercrombie and anesthesiologist Dr. Mary Zavala administer anestheisa.


Anesthesiologist Dr. Russell McAllister checks a patient monitor in the operating room.


Plastic surgeons Dr. Mahlon Kerr (left) and Cameron Craven work together on a procedure in OR 2.


Plastic surgeons Dr. John McFate (left) and Dr. Ned Snyder perform surgery in OR 1.


Anesthesiologist Dr. John Hatridge is at work in OR 1.


A family affair: Anesthesia team leader Dr. Keller Matthews and his daughter, Gloria, share a moment between cases.


Catching a little shut-eye…


Scrub tech Norma Canchola assists Dr. John McFate and Dr. Ned Snyder during a procedure.


In the arms of RN Emilia Harris, a patient finds comfort in the recovery room.


RN Maria Flores (left) and RN Mayuri Patel tend to a patient in the recovery room.


As surely as the sun sets on one day of the mission, it will rise again on tomorrow’s.