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Guatemala Mission Trip Day 5

Guatemala Day Five

10/18/2017- Written by Susie Awalt; Photography by Ranjani Agrawal

Dr. Patrick Kelley and Dr. Rocco Piazza with Erick post-op after his bilateral cleft lip repair.​

Dr. Lauren Crawford, Dr. Patrick Kelley, Dr. Mahlon Kerr inspect Perla’s palate repair.​

Vivian with her Austin Smiles bag and T-Shirt getting ready to go home.​

Siblings, Kristal and Jeremy, with Dr. Rocco Piazza post-op.​

The Reyes Prado Family​

Alexis is cheered up, post-op

Susie Awalt passes out toys and stuffed animals to the post-op children to cheer them up.​

Mothers in Art and Healing Therapy with Teresa Cox. Mothers reported that past surgeries have stressful memories that cause anxiety. This therapy created calmness that was transferred to their children.​

Kevin Daley assist the Mothers into the appropriate attire to remain sterile in the pre-op area. Kevin is fluent in Spanish and acts as a translator as well. ​

Dr. Mary Zavala and Janice Ryan with four month old Wilmer after his cleft lip surgery.​

Vanessa Little holds Wilmer post op.​

Ranjani Agrawal, Photographer and Susie Awalt, Blogger, working together.​

Martha Mashburn, Austin Smiles Director of Office Operations, with her husband, Michael Mashburn. They keep us organized, on time, and fully supplied among other things. Martha wears lots of hats.​

Teresa Squires assists in the pharmacy.​

Austin Smiles volunteer, Lucy Cinclair, who is fluent in Spanish and a translator for our group, traveled to the outskirts of Guatemala City to visit the family of patient, Monserrate. This family of six live in a very clean, tidy one room apartment. Monserrate’s parents saw an ad in the local paper about Austin Smiles and they will be traveling by bus tomorrow for her operation.​

Cecilia Canales holding Wilmer, four months,​
prior to surgery to correct his right lateral cleft palate.​

Austin Smiles Volunteers, John Greenwood and Michael Mashburn towards the end of the day. Loading, unloading, stocking and restocking takes its toll.​

1 in 700 children are born with a cleft lip or palate

$250 covers the cost of one life-changing surgery

150 volunteers annually will change a child’s life forever

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