Guatemala Day Six: Final Day of Surgery 

10/18/2017- Written by Susie Awalt; Photography by Ranjani Agrawal

Our very talented bus drivers: Okie Dokie, Cerilio, and Henry. Maneuvering the streets of Guatemala City is a risky business and these guys are good.​

Monserrate and her Mother made the trip for her surgery this morning.​

Dr. Julio Sagastome , plastic surgeon at the Moore Center and Leilani Briseño, Austin Smiles Medical Missions Director. Dr. Sagastome follows up with any patients here that have a need. ​

Sandy Resendez preps for surgery.​

The photos above depict the before and after results for Edgar, 6 years old. Edgar serves as an example of the good works done by Austin Smiles over the years. In 2011 Dr. David Wainwright and Dr. Carlos Murillo preformed surgery for his bilateral cleft lip. In 2012 he received cleft palate repair by Dr. William Gorman. In 2013 he had a lip revision by Dr. Fred Wilder and today he will have Bilateral Myringotomy w/tubes (ear tubes) inserted by Dr. Emmy Wu. Today he is a very happy, healthy, confident boy.​

Edgar is all smiles as he poses with his Mother and Dr. David Wainwright. Edgar’s Mother wanted the other Mothers here to see the before and after photos. She wanted to reassure them that their babies will also have a chance

Melida, 2 years old, will have her cleft palate surgery today. She loves her baby and carries it everywhere she goes.​

Melida and her baby. She also loves to dance, smile and pose for pictures.​

Haley Ruegg and Dr. Rocco Piazza in surgery.​

Dr. Rob Cinclair with Santiago.​