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Day Three: Surgeries Have Begun

Day Three: Surgeries Have Begun

10/16/2017- Written by Susie Awalt; Photography by Ranjani Agrawal

Dr. Emmy Wu places ear tubes in Yesica

Dr. David Wainwright & Dr. Courtney El-Zohm

Yesica, 6, playing prior to surgery. Every effort is made to make the patient comfortable through play therapy.

Distraction for Yesica before her surgery.

Ashley Kerr & Dr. Amy Graham-Carlson prepare for surgery.

Dr. Carolyn Biebas volunteered for the first medical mission in 1987

Dr. Simi Randhawa assisted by Dr. Patrick Kelly, Dr. Mary Zavala, Hayley Ruegg intubating prior to surgery​

Dr. Lauren Crawford & Dr. Mahlon Kerr operating on Ximena

Letty Balderas is sterilizing all of the instruments for surgery.

Dr. Patrick Kelley, Dr. Rocco Piazza, Neha Patel are operating on Maria Julieta.

Director Teresa Cox performing art therapy with mothers while their precious children are in surgery

Dr. Robert Cinclair and Yesica

Tanya Gomez caring for a Maria, 17, in PACU . This is Maria’s fifth and final surgery.

Morgan Gillen caring for Cristian in PACU

Dr. Patrick Kelley, Dr. Mary Zavala, & Ashley Chitty​

Morgan Gillen & Ashley Chitty caring for Franklin​

Heather Hill PACU RN greeted by Dr. Ligia Figueroa who she worked with last year​

Stephanie Ashby keeping the records straight​

1 in 700 children are born with a cleft lip or palate

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