by Anne Woodson

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Plastic surgery resident, Jules Walters & plastic surgeon James Cullington (team leader).
PHOTO by Anneke Paterson

Patients were screened by the surgeons first.

Say Ahhh.

Plastic Surgeon, Robert Clement.
PHOTO by Anneke Paterson

Say ‘ahhhh.’


Anesthesiologist Miguel De Valdenebro in his “office.”
PHOTO by Anneke Paterson

Then on to be cleared by an anesthesiologist and,  if needed, the dentist and speech pathologist

Speech therapist, Jissel    PHOTO by

Speech therapist, Jissel Anaya
PHOTO by Anneke Paterson

Speech pathologist Jissel Anaya was busy screening cleft palate patients for possible pharyngal flaps. Here she is using an iPad app to try to elicit particular sounds which are difficult for cleft palate patients to produce. The iPad app displays a picture of how the child produces the sound as well as a visual presentation of the correct method. If the child has the potential to produce the sound correctly he may be referred for speech therapy and avoid surgery.