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Guatemala Day One & Two

Day One & Two

10/14/17 & 10/15/17 – Written by Susie Awalt; Photography by Ranjani Agrawal

Austin Smiles volunteer, Kandice Squire, getting a warm welcome from Dr. Ligia, medical director for the Moore Center

Day one of the Austin Smiles Medical Mission trip began on October 14th, 2017. We gathered at 3:30 am for a 5 am departure to Guatemala City with doctors, nurses, and support staff to provide surgical services to children whom are otherwise unable to get treatment. Specifically we are focused on cleft lip/palate operations, as well as ENT procedures.

Dr. David Wainwright a veteran volunteer at Austin Smiles.

Volunteers enjoying local cuisine

2017 Austin Smiles Guatemala Team: Ranjani Agrawal, Stephanie Ashby, Susan Awalt, Irma Balderas, William Barnes, Carolyn Biebas, Leilani Briseno, Cecilia Canales, Ashley Chitty, Lauren Crawford, Luz Cinclair, Robert Cinclair, Teresa Cox, Kevin Daley, Courtney El-Zokm, Mary Fasshacht, Morgan Gillman, Tonya Gomez, Amy Graham-Carlson, Cindy Greenwood, John Greenwood, Heather Hill, Vanessa Little, Patrick Kelley, Carmel Kenan, Ashley Kerr, Mahlon Kerr, Martha Masburn, Michael Masburn, Theresa Tobias Mathis, Inglan Medina, Mary Melencamp, Nehaben Patel, Rocco Piazza, Simirat Randhawa, Sandra Resendez, Hayley Ruegg, Tory Scott, Kandice Squire, Teresa Squire, David Wainwright, Emmy Wu, Mary Zavala​

Carmel Kenan, Dr. Lauren Crawford, Ashley Kerr, Hayley Ruegg​

Cindy Greenwood entertaining children with puppets

Day  2 Sunday October 15th began at the Moore Center which is supported by the Shalom Foundation. Average travel time for families and patients is 1-2 hours, some as long as 5-6 hours. 

Diane, 9 years old, has had 5 surgeries

Amy Graham-Carlson taking photos to gift to patients

Mary Fassnachat reunites with mother and patient from prior mission

The star of show and stealer of children’s hearts, therapy dog, Tomasito. ​

1 in 700 children are born with a cleft lip or palate

$250 covers the cost of one life-changing surgery

150 volunteers annually will change a child’s life forever

Austin Smiles - local services Camp Amigo photo

Medical Mission Trips

Austin Smiles goes on 2-3 medical mission trips annually

Austin Smiles - local services spring picnic photo

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Our local program support for children born with Cleft Lip and Palate in Texas

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