Why is this mission crucial to Guatemala? Centro Moore is the only hospital in country that does not have access to free health services. They depend strictly on donations. Their services are 100% free of charge for the patient. They have an average waiting time of 6 months. This hospital has the lowest complication rate in all of Guatemala since 2011 which is 1.1%.

Let’s get started!

Diego is 10 month old and is such a happy child let’s watch his transformation!

Photography by Kristine Kennedy

1st surgeries are off to a good start !
Dr Eric White prepping ….

OR Room 1 Crawford, King, Becky. Patient Daniel 10 yr old!

OR 2 Eggleston , Rogers, Milligan. Patient is Allyson 3 yo

OR Room 3 Kerr, Taylor, Ryan. Patient Jario a 6 yo..

PACU Girls in Recovery!

I met a nice young 25 yo gentleman who is taking photographs for the Shalom Foundation here at the Centro Moore Hospital. His passion is missionary work. He is following in his Grandmother’s footsteps as a Missionary. He has been volunteering for 7 yrs now. His goal is to apply for The United Nations volunteers in 2020.  He is in college majoring in Communications.  Two other non-profits organizations he works for is Techno-This organization seeks to overcome the poverty situation that leave people in informal settlements… He recently built a housing community that were displaced by the recent volcano in Antigua. The third organization is Fabrica de Sonrisas- They dress like clowns and entertain at various institutions.

Thank you Shaka Godoy for your passion to serve people!

All Gods Children…

Brayan 11 month.


Allisson with her new smile to go with her sassy pose!
3 yrs old

Aslin 2 yrs 9 months Isn’t she adorable with her reading material. The Lord is with her!