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Kathryn Robison is the daughter of Dr. Jim Robison, one of the plastic surgeons on our trip.  She is a seventeen year-old student at Westlake high school, where she is an All American cheerleader. She is a kind, intelligent young woman with a desire to become a doctor. She would make any parent proud. Here are some of her thoughts on her mission experience in El Salvador:

So far this week has been such a great experience for me to catch a glimpse of the world outside of the Austin area. During our morning round of triage, I’ve been truly amazed at the patients we have encountered. From cleft palates and webbed toes, to burn victims and a bullet to the eye, each one has their unique story. I have noticed strong family ties between all who have come to us and admire how loving all the parents are to their children. After triage each day, I go to the OR to watch the surgeons work their magic. I love watching my dad operate because he explains the surgery to me as he goes. I am so lucky to have him teach me so much in such an interesting way! Aside from getting the inside view of my dad’s work, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many other Austin Smiles doctors, nurses, and volunteers. All the different volunteer strengths fit together to make a well-working machine. Overall, this trip has been eye-opening to a society different from my own. I am already more thankful for things I previously took for granted. I know I will return home with a new perspective on my daily  lifestyle. This week has also furthered my interest to pursue a future in medicine!

ImageAbove: Kathryn and her father, Dr. James Robison

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