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Guatemala 2019

Guatemala 2019

Guatemala Medical Mission Trip In October Austin Smiles traveled to Guatemala City where we provided over 48 surgeries to children in need! Totaling over $250,000 of free medical care. We are extraordinarily grateful to all of our medical and non-medical mission...

El Salvador 2019 – Day 4

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 – Spotlight on Two Volunteers Photography by : Ellise Nicole Photography Written by : Susan Armstrong Today is Day 3 of Operations. The surgeons operated on ten patients from ages 3 to 30. Surgeries included several cleft palate repairs...

El Salvador 2019 – Day 3

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – Establishing a Rhythm Photography by : Ellise Nicole Photography Written by : Susan Armstrong By day 3, El Salvador Austin Smiles volunteers have gotten into a rhythm. We operated on eleven new patients today, from cleft lip repair to...

El Salvador 2019 – Day 2

El Salvador. Monday, February 11, 2019 Photography by : Ellise Nicole Photography Written by : Susan Armstrong What an amazing day. Austin Smiles (AS) performed ten surgeries today: five lip repairs and five palates. The youngest surgery was on three-month old...

El Salvador 2019 – Day 1

Photography by : Ellise Nicole Photography Written by : Susan Armstrong Thirty plus Austin Smiles volunteers headed to Hospital Militar Central this morning at 7:30 AM for triage day - our first day at the hospital. Approximately 50 families from all over El Salvador...

Day 6 – Seeing Double

By Suzanne Chandler. Meet 37 year old Jennifer and Kimberly Zachary PACU nurses. They have been on five Mission trips. Three were in El Salvador and Two in Guatemala. They were recruited by friends to participate in the Austin Smiles Mission. Guess what they are...

Day 5 – Team Austin Smiles in Action

By Susan Chandler. All for one and one for all..... Yay team! Team Austin Smiles Guatemala 2018! See all of their coordinated efforts to make this mission possible! With the hands of precision The capabilities in the human hands are so fascinating.  See how these...

Day 4 – More Smiles and Blessings

By Suzanne Chandler. Alicia is with her dad. She comes with tears of joy! They traveled 18 kilometers to get her cleft palate repaired. Her father was unsure if they would be able to follow through because they were unable to pay for blood work. She lives in Alaia San...

Day 3- Mission Smiles!

Why is this mission crucial to Guatemala? Centro Moore is the only hospital in country that does not have access to free health services. They depend strictly on donations. Their services are 100% free of charge for the patient. They have an average waiting time of 6...

Day 2- The Day of clinic

81 registered patients with 56 evaluated.. Austin Smiles and It's medical team will operate on 12 patients a day! October 14, 2018 7 AM arrival The Austin Smiles Team Joins the Centro Moore Hospital and Shalom Foundation team! Hooray..... Upon entering the hospital...

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1 in 700 children are born with a cleft lip or palate

$250 covers the cost of one life-changing surgery

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